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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Presents, Visitors and being sick...

We brought home all the gifts so Anna Riley could open them later.  She isn't always really "in to" opening presents so I definitely didn't want to make her and all the other kids stop playing so she could open them at the party.  After she took a nap, she opened all her presents with the help of PawPaw.
She got lots of cute Minnie Mouse things, a couple of cute outfits, books, some little people toys, some Dora things and a wooden highchair for her dolls. 

That evening, Becca brought Zoe and Evan over to play.  I enjoy spending time with them since we don't get to see them often! 

How cute are these two?  I love how Anna Riley's
pants are half down! haha

Sweet friends watching Dora

Trying on the sunglasses she got for her birthday!

Anna Riley had not felt well before her party and she ran around so much playing a the party that she could not stop coughing when she got home.  She was just miserable!  That night, I ran to WinnDixie to get some more cold medicine for her and when I came back, her and Riley were asleep on our bed.  She had a few rough nights of bad coughing and even coughed so much she threw up a couple of times but thankfully she is better now with just a runny nose! 

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