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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sunday School Egg Hunt and Blue Angels

We had a busy but good weekend.  Anna Riley spent the day in Berry on Saturday and went to a birthday party and out to eat with them that night while we ran some errands did some things around the house.  On Sunday, we had an egg hunt for everyone's kids our Sunday School Class.  We took a picnic lunch and the kids played at the park at Verner and then hunted Eggs.  We had a great time!
Trying to get a group shot is almost impossible!

This little sweetie watched from the sidelines this year
but she will be in the action next year!
Getting all the goodies out

On Sunday nights, we usually eat at Riley's Dad's house for pizza or burgers but we decided this week to grill out at his sister's house since she lives close to the airport so we could watch the Blue Angels. 
Little Mr. Serious
Watching the "Airpwanes!"
AK relaxing with PopPop
The noise didn't seem to bother her!
Cousins playing together
Watching planes with PopPop
Closing her eyes because it was loud!
She wouldn't let us put anything in her
ears and she didn't seem to understand
that closing her eyes wouldn't help the
sound! :)
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Candace said...

AR and AK are always dressed so cute! I love that the girls have a cousin so close in age - it is so much fun!!!!

Seasoned with Grace said...

Oh my goodness! I just found my grandsons in your egg hunt pictures. What a treat!