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Monday, May 14, 2012

Last weekend/week recap

I never got around to blogging this week so here is a little recap.  I will have some catching up to do this week. 

We had a busy Saturday as always.  We had a pictures scheduled with Kim Lawson that morning at 9.  This was Ava Kate's 6 month pictures.  I had pictures done in the white gown with Anna Riley when she was 6 months so I wanted to do the same with Ava Kate and attempt one of the three of us.  Kim is awesome and was able to get one of the three of us in the 1.2 seconds that Anna Riley sat there.  She also ended up getting some really cute ones of Anna Riley playing that we had not planned on.  Here are the ones that she put on Facebook. 

She got right up to Kim's camera lens and said "Cheese!"
Just to compare...This is Anna Riley and me during her
6 month pictures.

After the pictures, I made Anna Riley take an early nap so we could go to Lily Grace's birthday party in Brent.  Lily Grace had a rainbow unicorn party and they had 2 horses to ride.  Anna Riley had so much fun!
She loves LG!! Can't believe she is already 5!!!
She is becoming a little pro on these
horse rides!  She loves it!

Sunday, after church Anna Riley went and laid in her floor and requested a nap! What?!  She slept in her dress and everything.  She took an almost 4 hour nap!  I had to go wake her.   She felt a little warm when she got up but played all evening and didn't seem to feel bad.  She still wouldn't take the dress off!  We played outside until bathtime.  After she went to bed, she woke up around 10 and had a 101.3 temp.  We went to the dr the next day since it never would go away, just get a little higher, and it ended up being just the "fever virus." 
Playing outside on Sunday night

So, the next couple of days we had to just lay low since she couldn't go anywhere because she was contagious.  Ava Kate enjoyed playing with her new toys from Christmas that I got out.
Laying in Mommy's bed with all her babies!
Finally feeling better!
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