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Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Baby Sunday

Last Sunday was "New Baby Sunday" at Church where they recognize all the babies that were born that year.  Well, for some reason they didn't have it last year and they only do it during the 11 am service so we had a church FULL of babies.   We have a reception during the Sunday School hour and then we all go to the front for a little introduction during church and we were running out of room!  That is a wonderful thing though!  It was exciting because Duncan and Ava Kate were both up there together. 

They took our family picture and I was so happy that BOTH kids were looking...no smiles but hey, I'm ok with a blank stare as long as we aren't crying! haha We have had 3 decent family pictures in the last 2 months!  That is a huge improvement! 

We usually go to Mr. Doug's on Sunday nights, but we decided to eat lunch since we were getting out of church at lunch time.  (We all normally go to the early service)
Duncan and Ava Kate...The two "new babies"

Someone at church ask if they were twins when we
walked in together
All dressed in blue
Ava Kate taking care of Duncan! :)
I just love this picture
I love how AR is trying to put on Duncan's socks.
I don't think anyone was ready for this picture but it's
too cute!
Just a little better...Dunan and Pop Pop are making the
same face! :)
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