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Friday, June 15, 2012

Potty Training update

Anna Riley has been doing great this week with potty training!  I have been super proud of her!!  Tuesday, we just continued practicing...still with no bottoms.  I put the potty in the bathroom so she would get used to going in the same place everytime.  We practiced washing her hands and using the soap and water herself.  This is where my control comes in. I want to just do things for her to prevent a mess and she has to learn to do it herself.  She watched me empty the potty and clean up after. She did great all day Tuesday.  I would ask her several times if she needed to potty to reminder her, but she went on her own.

Wednesday was the hardest day.  We started wearing underwear and practicing pulling them down.  Before, she could just run and sit the minute it hit her.   So, she had a few accidents.  One time, she went and sat on the potty and just completely forgot to pull her panties down! Bless her! :)  The other times, she would get the feeling and start trying to get them down while walking to the bathroom and not make it in time.  But, by lunch time she had gotten the hang of it and didn't have any more accidents.  Wednesday night, I had my Father-in-law and Riley's grandmother over for supper so AR was so excited to take them to show them she could pee pee in the potty! haha! You could tell she was so proud!

Thursday, we decided to venture out!  We really needed formula and so off to Target we went.  She used the bathroom since her last cup of water and I didn't give her anymore after since I knew we would be leaving to go soon.  I packed extra clothes and underwear.   She did great though.  I ask her before we went in to tell me and she said "I not have to."  I didn't ask her in there though because I thought she might just want to go in there to go in.  We didn't stay long.  I let her pick out a reward for doing so well this week so that was exciting.  When we came home, as soon as we walked in the door, she went straight to the bathroom.  During her nap on Thursday, she woke up early and was saying she needed to go pee.  She had a pull up on but I let her get up early and go potty.  Thursday, she also started emptying the bowl and washing it out by herself. 

We still haven't been able to get her to potty on the big potty.  We have the little kind that goes on top of the big potty but she doesn't like it.  Every time she is up there, she says she would rather be on the little potty.  And, I don't know if it is because it is hot or because she just doesn't like clothes anymore but we can't keep them on her!!  I guess that is less laundry for me.

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