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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Father's Day

We have been so busy lately so I have been slacking on my blog.
Last weekend, the girls stayed in Berry on Saturday night. Ava Kate's first time to stay in Berry and she did great! Riley and I went to early church with his Dad at our church and then headed to Berry for church with my Dad and lunch. Mom outdid herself with lunch and I way overate! Anna Riley is very attached to my Dad so she wouldn't let us help her with anything. She even cried outside the bathroom while my Dad took a shower that morning! haha! :)  I am SO thankful for a such a great Dad and one that loves my girls so much and wants to be such a great grandfather to them...even if that includes dress up and tea parties! :)

After lunch and naps, we headed back to Tuscaloosa and made a stop by Pop pop's house so the girls could wish him a Happy Father's Day since we weren't eating until Tuesday of the next week for Father's Day. I am also so thankful for such a wonderful Father-in-law! He is the most giving man I know!! I am so glad that my kids have such a great role model to look up to! He has instilled a lot of his personality and morals in Riley and I only hope it carries on to our children! And of course, I am so glad my girls are blessed with such a great Father as well! :)

Love these two men...and sweet girls!:)

On Tuesday, we headed to Pop Pop's house for BBQ and to celebrate Father's Day with him and the family. We were also celebrating Brilyn's birthday. 

Boy, time sure does fly...Brilyn
is already 6!  He was born right after
Riley and I started dating!

Duncan's new favorite thing

Uncle Brian helping the girls with the action figures Brilyn got

Looking at pics of the grandkids

The two girls playing with the boy toys!
Love this picture!!

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