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Monday, July 23, 2012

Swim Lessons

I tried posting this when Anna Riley started swim lessons but my pictures didn't work, so I decided to wait until Swimming was over to post about it. Swim lessons were quite the challenge. It was a Mommy and Me class so I had to get in with her. Anna Riley hated the indoor pool. She told me everyday we had lessons..."I not like this pool, Mommy!" And since she was potty trained, we spent more time in the bathroom than in the pool some days! We had to switch classes and we found she did much better with a female teacher. The male teacher was still there and she did finally warm up to him the last two lessons. She just did a lot better with the female. By the last lesson, she really did start to like it. She has really loved the pool this summer...just not the lessons. I had even considered pulling her out because I didn't want her having a bad experience mess up the progress she had already made in the water but I am glad we stuck with it. She still is not a fan of going under, but she is doing much better! The last night of swim lessons, I held her and we just both went under. We have done that a few times since. She isn't a fan of jumping off the sides only because she hates going under. She practices kicking all the time...even in the tub! ;) I have noticed a big change in her just feeling more comfortable in the water with her puddle jumper on.

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