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Friday, August 3, 2012

Instagram dump

Some of these are kind of old, but I realized I never put some of these on my blog and I want them on here for when I get our blog printed. :)   

"Mommy, take picture with me!"

Playing Ipad with Uncle Wes

My brown eyed girl!

1st time bowling...LOVED it!

Jewlery window shopping at Target!

"What?! Do I have something on my face??"

Down...Set....Hike!!!  AK is ready for football!

Evening stroll

I don't like to sit anymore!

Having one on one with Mommy at Storytime
while Big Sis was at school!

Terrorizing Daddy before bed...they do this to him
everynight!  AK even joins in!!  She loves to pull his hair!

Friday treat...Shot of chocolate icing from Sweets! YUM!
We got Rolo and PB cupcakes too! ;) 

This little Ruffle Butt is too fast and all over the house!
Toilets are currently her favorties! :/

Playing at Toys R Us...
Lost her for a minute and found her on the
Dirt Bike!  Santa, PLEASE do NOT
bring anything of the sorts to our house! haha ;)

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