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Monday, August 20, 2012

The weekend

On Saturday, we put on our rain boots and headed to the Barnyard. The Barnyard is usually only open for birthday parties on the weekends but it was open for the public on Saturday so we wanted to take advantage of it but it came a down poor earlier that morning and was muddy.  Anna Riley was so excited to wear her boots!  She LOVES all the animals there and as always she didn't want to leave!  Usually riding the horse is her favorite and that is what she talked about all the way there but once we left, she said it was the baby pig!  She is still talking about it.  She even prayed for it tonight! ;

AK enjoyed the animals too!

Looking for eggs

If you know me, you know I am not the best with animals,
so this was big for me!

After leaving the Barnyard, we went to eat Mexican for lunch!
That night, my Mom and Dad came over for dinner.  Riley grilled a pork tenderloin and we had fried okra, potatoes and Gouda corn and chessecake for dessert!

Sunday, was a big day for both girls because they moved up in their classes at church.  Anna Riley is in an actual Sunday School class now and she was so excited.  She woke up first thing asking about church and her new teachers!  And then proceeded to rush us all morning to get to church!  I love it though!  AND my baby girl moved out of the nursery!!!  She is now in the crawlers class.  I feel like she hasn't even been in the nursery long!  Where has the time gone...she is seriously about to be one! 
Both girls did good in class.  Riley and I had a "social" in our Sunday school and we all brought a brunch dish and we just got to socialize and get to know each other more.  So blessed to be apart of such a great group of people. 

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