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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ava Kate is 11 months old!

Where has the time gone?  I say it every month, but my sweet baby girl is growing so fast!!  This has been quite an active month for Ava Kate...here are some things she is doing at 11 months...
-Not for sure of her weight but she wears mostly 12 month clothes.
-She wears a size 4 diaper.
-She has two teeth on the bottom.

-She eats SO well (for now anyways)...If she is anything like Anna Riley she will go from eating anything and everything to almost nothing!
-Ava Kate eats pretty much anything we are eating.  She does not like you to feed her so anything she eats has to be something she can pick up or feed herself.
-One big change this month has been we started transitioning to whole milk.  She had gotten Anna Riley's cup of milk one day and cried when I took it away from her so I decided we were close enough that I would just start getting her on milk!  Last week she still got formula in the morning and at night and milk in the day and this week she is only getting a bottle of formula at night and the rest of the time she has milk from her sippy cup.  She is doing so well with the transition.  I hope to take the bottle away when I finish the formula. 

-This month has not been the best in the sleeping department.  Some nights, I feel as if we are in the newborn stages again and other nights she sleeps great.  We have learned something though, when she is teething...the whole house knows it!
-She has actually let me rock her some lately!  She is not a cuddle baby so when she does finally slow down and want to rock...I gladly do it! ;)
-She hasn't slept in our bed since she was a newborn...she wont!  That is good and bad.  When she was sick and I was up with her a lot, I tried to get her to lay down in the bed with me but that just doesn't happen! 

-She doesn't like to watch anything on T.V. I haven't found a show that holds her attention anyways.  I am glad of that in a way but sometimes when I am cooking or getting ready it would be nice for her to sit still for a second! 
-She loves to terrorize Anna Riley!  These two are already true sisters...they fight a lot!! Ava Kate only wants what Anna Riley is playing with...ALWAYS!  And she will go and take it from her in a heartbeat!
-She can be a little on the rough side!  I have to really watch her around other kids especially.  She loves to pull hair and hit! Oh my!!

-She can be really sweet, too though!  She loves to give kisses especially to her Mama! :) 
-She has really gotten attached to Granna Kat (my Mom).  She doesn't want me if Granna is around.
-She will not keep a hairbow in anymore.  It ends up out and in her mouth so I have gotten where I just don't even put one in. 

-She is crawling everywhere!  She can stand up on her own and cruises some but not a lot.  She will walk with you holding her hands.  She gets board with cruising or pushing something...she knows she can get there faster if she crawls!

-While in Fairhope this past weekend, she learned how to crawl up a whole flight of stairs! 

-She is such a wiggle worm when putting her clothes on.  It is almost a two person job!
-She laughs and dances all the time. 
-When she stands up on her own she gets really excited and claps.
-She loves playing "Pat a cake." 
-There aren't many books that she will sit still and listen to but I have found a couple of that she likes about farm animals.
-She says a few words...still no Mama! :)
-She says "Da-da" and recently said "uh-oh." She also has said "hey," Ba-Ba". She also mimics sounds we make a lot. 

This is her mad face! :)
-She is still not a good traveler. She doesn't like to be confined to that seat! She is a girl on the go!!

- On the way to Fairhope this past weekend, I decided to turn her seat around.  She was fussing and so we pulled over and turned it around.  It didn't help a whole lot but she was in amazement that she could actually see everything! 

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Rebecca Phillips said...

Ava Kate is just beauitful! I wish I could see her and you all more. I feel like I have only held her once in 11 months and there is something very wrong with that! And now she probably doesn't even like to be held :(