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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Breakfast with Santa

Saturday, we took the girls to have Breakfast with Santa at the Children's Hands on Museum.  There were actually several going on in town on the same day but we decided to try this one out this year.  The breakfast was great and they even had Ms. Claus, Frosty and a reindeer too.  They had a DJ and they kids and characters all got out on the dance floor and danced.  Anna Riley danced with all the characters.  AK was dancing in Daddy's lap...she is going to be my little dancer!! :) 

This was when she saw Santa and Ms. Claus come in!! haha

This was our second picture with Santa and I didn't expect AK to do well with this one either.  AR LOVES him this year so we had to have a picture.  Ms. Claus was the sweetest lady!  Ava Kate really did great with her but she lost it when she looked over and saw the Big Man sitting beside her! 


After we ate, talked to Santa and danced for a while we played in the museum for a little while.  Anna Riley loves CHOM and would stay there forever!

A cash register has been high on ARs
list this year...she loves playing store!


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