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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve at Granna and PawPaws

On Christmas Eve, we went to my Parent's house in Berry for lunch and presents.   The girls had a blast opening up the presents. They got lots of things but some of the favorites were Anna Riley's cash register she has been wanting,  the doll cradle for both of them, and the Swimming Little Mermaid doll and her guitar.  Ava Kate loved her counting phone and grocery scanner,  and her musical instruments.  They also got the movie Cinderella which made Mommy really happy! :)

AR has to ride the 4wheeler and golfcart if we are in Berry!

The girls' had so much fun opening their presnets. Anna Riley
got her cash register she wanted so bad! 
After the girls had naps, we got ready to we could head straight to the Christmas Eve service at our church in Tuscaloosa.  That is always my favorite service for so many reasons.  It brings tears to my eyes each year. 

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