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Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa came to our neighborhood!

 Last Sunday afternoon, Santa came to visit at a house in our neighborhood.  We had lemonade and cookies and he gave everyone a candy cane.  Anna Riley was so excited to get to see Santa for the 3rd time!!  And...third time must be the charm because Ava Kate actually didn't cry!  I love the first picture because you can see her telling him she wants FOUR things:  A new kitchen, a cash register, a scooter and a bicycle.  (we have already broke it to her that Santa can't fit the scooter and bicycle at the same time but maybe she could pick one out for her birthday!)  She has kept that same list (and added some here and there) for several months!  Its amazing to see how much she has grown since last year.

Having cookies and lemonde with two of our next door neighbors

This was before chuch on Sunday morning...
I just love this picture.  (I do hate that it
isn't focused though..my camera was on
manual fpcus! uugh)

I dread the day when they tell me they don't
want to match! :(

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