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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rainy Weekend Recap

Boy am I ever ready for some sunshine!! This week has proved that I could not live in a place where it rains the majority of the time...depressing!  
We picked up pizza on Friday and stayed around the house.  Sometimes those are definitely the best nights!  Riley has been working on most Saturday mornings since they have a big project going on right now so he has to get in bed fairly early on Fridays also.  

Saturday morning, the girls and I played out all morning.  I just love having two girls and all the dress up and princess fun!  Ava Kate is jumping in on all the quite a bit earlier than Anna Riley did, she doesn't want to be left out!  Anna Riley had put a crown on my head (because everyone has to dress up!)  and AK quickly took it off and put it on her head and wore it around the house for about an hour! 

It was funny because after about 10 minutes, Anna Riley had already taken her dress off and put her "dajamas" on and Ava Kate was just getting started accessorizing with all the bracelets.

 Saturday afternoon, when the girls got up from their naps, we headed to the Tidmore's Farm in Northside to cook out.  It was actually NOT raining at the time so the kids got to ride the golfcart before it got dark.  Cameron grilled some deer tenderloin that was SO good!   We made Smores for dessert! ;)
She got a little impatient and didn't want on the fire!

Love my chocolate loving girl!

These two were very impatient!

Haha!!! Oh Talon!

Sunday afternoon we headed to the Barnyard for Talons birthday party.  It had not rained most of the day so we knew it was coming.  It would pour down and then stop and start again so we were still able to feed the animals and ride the horse but it was just a little messy.  At least it was warm rain!  When it was time to leave, it came a down pour so we got soaked!!!

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