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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Picture overload

I feel like I have been sick for a month now and then AK got the stomach bug this week so I have not been in a blogging mood lately.  Here is an abundance of pictures taken with my phone.   

This child loves wearing my shoes!

So prissy!

Giving "Ella" kisses

These two have the best time in the tub!

A rainy day activity

The girls have a new love for monster trucks!

Trying out the new bike!

More high heels!

Where did my baby go?!

I think she just loves shoes in general! :)

Storytime...AK literally screamed
the whole time they did the
bubbles at the end!

I love watching them play together...they have been
so sweet to one another lately! 

This picture melts my heart!  AK hasn't felt well and AR
is a little mama to her!  

Enjoying some of the nice weather we had at one point
this month, with our neighbors

AK loves Anna Riley's PB chair!  

Anna Riley's loves to get in Ava Kates bed!

Such a Daddy's girl!

Time for your checkup!  


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