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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fairhope weekend

Last Thursday, we headed down to Fairhope for the weekend.  The weather was so great!  Fairhope was having their Spring Arts Festival.  It is very big with all the streets filled with booths.  Ava Kate was not a fan of the festival and did not want to stay in the stroller so we didn't stay too long. The girls got to play on the beach and Mama got a little bit of sun! :)  On Saturday, we went to the festival for a short amount of time and then played at the park for a while.  We got to eat lunch outside and play on the beach all afternoon! Sunday we got an early start home because AK woke up at 4 am and was still up at 5:30 when she woke Anna Riley up so we packed up and headed out...stopped and had breakfast and was home before lunch! We found out on Monday that her ears were really bad infected.

Had to go up the hill rather than walking up
the walk way!  

This is their favorite thing to do!  AK is always the one
that pushes! haha

She tried crawfish and loved it!  She thinks she has to eat
crab claws everytime we are at the beach so I wasn't
surprised she liked crawfish!

Dinner at Big Daddys...it is one of our favorites mainly because they
have the sand for the kids to play in!

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