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Monday, April 29, 2013

Ears, Ears, Ears

The past few weeks we have talked about ears a lot in our house! I mentioned a few weeks ago that Ava Kate was having several ear infections and the doctors said tubes were the best option so we saw the ENT and the next day he put tubes in.  She went back for her recheck and was great. 

At Anna Riley's 3 year check, we discussed her hearing issue.  Lately she ask us to repeat things things a lot.  Almost anything we say, she says "what, huh?"  I felt this might be just a habit she was forming but we just wanted to get her tested to be sure.  In February, we had decided to give it a month or so and if she was still doing it, we would have her hearing tested.  After a month, she was still asking us to repeat things, so we went to Alabama Speech and Hearing to have it tested.  She did great through all the tests and fortunately everything tested out fine!  
Waiting to get her hearing tested

Good results= a treat!  She got the duck after she did the test.

Waiting to get AKs ears rechecked and hearing tested at
 Dr. Benoits office

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