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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The weekend

We didn't do much on Friday night.  Anna Riley and I went to get grocery items for our fish fry were having on Saturday and we went to Archibalds to get ribs. I have always loved Archibalds ribs but it was my first experience ever going to get them.  If you have ever been to the Archibalds on MLK drive you know what I am talking about...it doesn't even fit the "hole in the wall" description!  haha!
Saturday morning, we kept our neighbor, Maggie, while her Audrey hosted a bridal tea.  We took the girls to CHOM to play and Taco Casa for lunch.  Anna Riley had been asking for "the Casa" almost everyday this week and she and Maggie sat there until they ate every single bite!  

Saturday night, we had a few friends over for a fish fry.  The men cooked the fish and they turned out great.  I made my Mom's potato salad and hush puppies for the first time and even though it wasn't just like Mom's yet, it was pretty good for my first time! The kids had a blast playing together!!

Sunday afternoon, I took Anna Riley to see the Little Mermaid, Jr. that the Children's Theater put on at the Bama Theater.  We sat on the front row and she kept asking if she was going to get on stage with Little Mermaid! I think I was just as excited as she was.  When I would go on field trips to see plays as a student teacher and then as a teacher, I couldn't wait until I had children to take!  It was a fun date for the two of us!  Anna Riley's teacher had children in it and her teacher's aide was the stage director.

She wanted to us to both wear hats!  We were headed to the
grocery store to pick up things for our fish fry.

These are the two eaters of the group!  I think they were in
competition of who could eat the most!

This is what the men did all night...

And this is what the women did all night! ;)

Date with my sweet girl
The Little Mermaid at the Bama Theater

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courtneytidmore said...

Haha...they are totally the eaters, love this post :)