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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Time Flies!

Wow! It seems like just yesterday Riley and I got engaged and now it is only 17 more days until the wedding!! I was feeling a little stressed the past couple of weeks because a few unexpected things happened but I have learned to just not worry about it. One big thing was the bridesmaids dresses were supposed to be in ( at the very latest) the end of April and they are still not here! I ordered them in September. But, Riley has been WONDERFUL these past few weeks and he has dealt with the company and he knows more about the dresses now than I do. He has went to the store, talked to the manufacturer, and sent and received faxes from them almost everyday to make sure they will be in on time! They have promised to have them in by Friday so maybe they will. Someone ask me the other day if I was worried about it and I said well not anymore...I really just don't care! I think I am just to that point now, so if you happened to be at my wedding and everyone is wearing a different dress...you will know why! But what really matters is at the end of the day, Riley and I are married! :)

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