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Friday, July 31, 2009


Since I am teaching Kindergarten this year, I wanted some of the "1st day of Kindergarten" books. So, I made a trip to Barnes and Noble. I know when I go in that store I can never just get what I am going for. There is one thing I know for sure...Boy or Girl, my baby will have tons of books! I love childrens books (good thing huh since I teach kids to read!) I have a ton already because most of the books in my classroom were bought with my money...but there is always more that I want for MY baby! The one I bought this trip was Guess How Much I Love You. I love this book and cant wait to read it to my baby!
I also picked up a prenatal yoga dvd. I love yoga and have did a few of the prenatal ones On Demand...but they arent very long or that great. I tried it out and it was great! Not only does it prepare you more for labor, it really relaxes you!!


Rebecca said...

Which one did you get? I want to get it. I need something that is relaxing :)

Adie said...

Aw Crystal! You are going to be such a great mommy!!!

Crystal said...

-Becca, its by the company Gaiam. Its called prenatal Yoga by Shiva Rea. Its really neat because they have 3 women doing it at the same time and they alter what you need to do depending on what trimester your in...so you can do it up until the end.
-Thanks Adie! I didnt know you had a blog!! I will have to add you to my list. Hope everything is going well!

Adie said...

Please do!!! I just started with the blog thing I guess a month ago and haven't been too great at keeping it up! But I'm going to try harder!!!! Saw your baby bump picture! So exciting!!!