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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yay for 2nd Trimester

I hit the 2nd trimester on Sunday! I haven't been sick in almost 2 weeks! YAY!!! I really dont think I could have been with Kindergarteners and throwing up like I was so it really has been a blessing! I am just waiting for that energy to kick in any day now! haha I am always super tired the first few weeks of school so being pregnant just hasnt helped!

I didn't really want to tell the kids at school about me being pregnant yet because I didnt want to have to answer the "questions" and have all the belly rubbing from them. But I decided to go ahead and tell them because some of them like to come up and hug really tight and I have to pull them away. They were so funny when I told them and they gave me tons of name suggestions (which were of course their names!) And it cracks me up because everyday that say " did you get that baby out of there yet?"


And they call it puppy love said...

I am so glad you are feeling better, enjoy it, it will go by so fast.

Rebecca said...

The kids at work hide behind me during tag or when they are throwing the balls at one another because they say "no one will tag me if I am near a pregnant woman" or "no one will throw the ball at me when I am near you." Being base is very scary sometimes!