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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I had another appointment today and we were hoping to confirm the sex of the baby. Well...she was still being stubborn and wouldn't open her thighs so she could get a good picture. However, the lady doing the ultrasound said she was still going with girl but wanted to do another one next time just to see! The funny thing is she had been kicking and moving around a lot more today than normal UNTIL we went in for the ultrasound!! The one advantage to it is we are getting to see "her" more! We will have ultrasounds the next 2 visits as well...one to recheck and the next is the 4D. Maybe with all of that we will have confirmation!! Everything looked good though. Her heart rate was 155 which is about what is usually is (155-160). I have to take the wonderful sugar test next month...so that should be fun!

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Rebecca said...

I wanted to let you know that Zach said that nothing is wrong at all with a lady keeping her legs crossed. And you get to see her 2 MORE TIMES...I haven't seen our little one since 20 weeks :( So close!