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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Calling all Prayer Warriors...

Our family really needs your prayers! If you read my blog, you know that my mother-in-law has been in the hospital since August after her 2nd liver transplant. She had so many setbacks and had to go back to the SICU 5 different times. She finally got all of her organs working again but has lots of PT to do because her body was so weak from laying in the hospital bed that long. She still hasnt been able to stand by herself or walk. She had gotten where she could eat some the past couple of weeks and only had the feeding tube at night. They were getting ready to move to the Spain Rehab Center to finish her recovery. However, last night they noticed something that makes them think that she might have a whole in her intestine. They did a CT but it didnt really show up in that. They plan to run a few more tests tomorrow. They said that sometimes wholes in the intestine will heal on its on in a few weeks to a months time but if not another surgery will have to be done! I know she is such a positive person but it is hard to stay positive right now. She is so ready to get home and be with her family and we are ready to have her back!! We were really hoping she might be out of the hospital by Christmas and I know it can happen but if she has another surgery, her recovery will be pushed back even more! Please, please say a prayer for her that whatever is wrong will heal without surgery!


Rebecca said...

I have been praying for her every night! I can't believe the strength she has!

Candace said...

Prayers your way for your MIL.

I'm also praying for you and your pregnancy - she will be here before you know it.