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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby update

I went to the doctor today and it was actually quite eventful. They strongly recommended that I get the H1N1 vaccine so of course I did even though I was a little unsure about it at first. I also had the gestational diabetes test which was really not that bad and I passed it! I have always heard how awful the stuff was you had to drink but to me it taste similar to a Sunkist with a little more sugar...it was not bad at all! I am just glad I passed because I really wouldnt want to spend 3 hours at the doctor! They also drew blood and I had another ultrasound and we finally confirmed that she was a she! But she still wouldnt open her legs very much. But I had two ultrasound techs looking this time and they both said it had to be a girl. And especially since this was the 3rd time to look and they still didnt see any "sign" of a boy. I had held off about ordering the bedding until we got a definite yes so I am ordering it tomorrow! I feel like we are waiting so late to get things done but that is just how I am and its been really hard to get started when it still wasnt confirmed. I know it will all get done in plenty of time with the husbands help! haha.

I cant believe that I am entering the 3rd trimester!! It feels like just last month I found out I was pregnant. I still feel pretty good but I can tell I dont have as much energy as I did. I do pretty well though after being with Kindergartners all day that are just so excited about the holidays and it is getting harder and harder to keep them calm! I have someone everyday come up almost everyday and tell me they dont know how I do it and especially pregnant! Lets just say...I am looking forward to the week off! haha

Side note: One of my best friends, Becca just had an adorable baby girl..miss Zoe Jane! She is precious. I cant wait to meet her!! It makes me sooo ready for February so we can meet our little Anna Riley!

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