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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend & 4D Ultrasound

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend and ate lots and lots of good food! If not...I am sure I ate enough for everyone!! That is one advantage of being prego during the holdiays...no guilt when I eat too much! :) We went to Riley's Aunts for a short visit and meal #1 and then headed to my Grannys for meal #2. Mom, Dad, Riley and myself headed down to Fairhope Thanksgiving night for the rest of the weekend. We got in a little shopping (not on Black Friday...wasnt up for that!), some football (Roll Tide!), more eating and lots of relaxation.
Today I went for the 4D Ultrasound. We got lots of pictures of Anna Riley. She had her arms crossed most of the time and seemed to be sitting "Indian Style." She is still head down and her heartrate was 143. She weighs 4 lbs. 4oz and the nurse said I was measuring 31 weeks rather than 29. I think most babies at this time usually weigh about 2 1/2 -3lbs. So I am guessing she will be a bigger baby or be a little early. As long as she is healthy and fully developed, I dont care!

arms crossed

sticking out her tongue


Rebecca said...

You are looking so preggo! I love it! I am glad you had a great Thanksgiving! If Anna Riley loves her hands as much as Zoe Jane than you def need to get the long sleeve onsies with the hand covers...otherwise she will scratch her face all up and that is no good for pictures!

Candace said...

4-D pictures were my favorite milestone during pregnancy! She is already showing her beauty! She's also showing the Crystal in her sticking out her tongue - ha!

You look fabulous! I hope everything else is going well!

Ultrasound said...

Cute 3d 4d pictures! These are brilliant!
Thanks for sharing.
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courtney lawson long said...

wow - these are the BEST 4-d pics i've ever seen! awesome! you look adorable!

courtneytidmore said...

Love the pictures!! Cameron said immediately, "Looks just like Riley!" I was like, how can you tell??!!

morri030 said...

WOW!! She gave you good pics! Awww!!! CAN'T WAIT!