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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Doctor Appointment

--I went to the doctor this morning and just as I thought...I had not dilated any. He said I seemed to be thinning out some though and would probably start dilating soon. He confirmed what I had thought about how I was feeling the last few days. He said it was just getting closer and it was my body's way of preparing for labor. He said everything was looking really good and he thinks that I am measuring right on target now. He said she seemed to have leveled out and that he thought her size would be fine. I am very glad that she we are measuring perfectly but that also means I might go 25 more days which at this point seems forever away! haha..all I care about is her being healthy though so if it means 25 more days than so be it! He did tell me when I needed to call or come in and to start paying closer attention to my contractions. I go back on Monday so maybe I will have made a little progress.
--I have felt much better the past two days though. I seemed to have had more energy yesterday too!
-- I have become more anxious and nervous the past week! I am not nervous about delivery. I mean I know that either a c-section or a vaginal birth is going to cause some pain whether during the delivery or afterwards and the end result will make up for all the pain (or else people wouldn't keep having kids! :) I more nervous about her being healthy! It seems that every blog that I read lately (of people I dont know that are pregnant) talk about the complications with the baby after delivery. I just pray for a healthy baby!!! And of course I am very anxious to meet her and hold her!! We just love her so much already!


Raegan & Caleb said...

Hang in there. You never know how quickly you will be ready to deliver. With Isabelle, I went to the dr on a Friday and all looked fine. She was born the following Tuesday. So, in those few days, my body decided it was time to have her. You never know and I've come to realize that I'm not in control. I'm just along for the ride.

Candace said...

Praying for you! I read all the blogs about sick babies, and it broke my heart and scared me to death! Please know that some deliveries go well too! You've had so many people praying for your new family, and everything will go as God plans.

The nursery looks amazing too! I love how elegantly beautiful it is!

Rebecca said...

many prayers for you, Riley and Anna Riley!!!