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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Not feeling so good...

The last few days I have felt horrible! It started about Thursday and my legs and back have been hurting so bad. My stomach also seems more sensitive and I have had a lot more BMs (sorry I know TMI) but...I have read that sometimes that happens before labor. I have had more Braxton Hicks contractions as well and they hurt worse than they used to. However, they arent in any pattern. She doesnt feel like she has dropped very much at all. I can tell she has some but I am still very high! I just hope I know when its actually the real thing because I am the worlds worst to not call the doctor!! I have read that you will definitely know the difference but then I have also heard from some people that they werent sure until it was really close. Hopefully I will know...plus we are just a couple of minutes from the hospital so that is good. I go to the doctor on Tuesday and he is supposed to check me then.

I had my last shower on Saturday morning. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to make it. Thank goodness it was a smaller come and go shower...and I didnt have to do anything but sit there! I did not really take any pictures because at the time I didnt feel like it! haha

On a good note...I am very excited because I got a new camera last night. After seeing the difference in quality from Beccas to mine (which I was using my small purse camera but the Canon Powershot wasnt a whole lot better) at the last shower, I decided I would really like to upgrade to a SLR. I wanted a camera with not only a better picture quality but a faster shutter speed! I put the Canon Powershot on facebook merchant and sold it within 5 minutes! So, we went to Best Buy to look at them and they were having a sale. I decided to go with the Canon Rebel because 1- I know Becca loves hers and Candace has also given it a good review, 2- I am familiar with Canon and 3- it was very user friendly unlike some of the SLRs that seem too complicated for ME to use! :)


Rebecca said...

Yay for new cameras...I hope you love it as much as I do! You will get a ton of practice in just a few weeks!

Rebecca said...

I know I already commented....but check out my blog...I gave you an award!

Candace said...

I can't wait to hear what the doctor says! I told Kimberly and Becca both this - I went at 37 and 3; it could be closer than you think!:)

YAY for a new camera too! It is fabulous, and once you learn some tricks, you will never want to go back!

Praying for you!