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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I took AR to the doctor today because we think she has a bit of reflux unfortunately. Dr. Roberts wanted her to come in to make sure she was gaining enough. Haha that was a definite YES! She has no problem in that area weighing a whopping 11 lbs. 12 oz! While in the waiting area there were 2 other babies, one was 7 weeks also and oh how tiny! The other was 4 months and AR was about his size! haha...I have a healthy eater which I am not complaining about at all! :) Dr. Roberts suggested that we give her either the formula with rice starch in it or put some cereal in her bottle. If this doesnt work we will then try the Zantac. I am glad she wanted to try another approach before just medicating. I think too many doctors just write prescriptions these days! Hopefully this will work.

Here is just a random picture I thought was so cute!


Raegan & Caleb said...

Cute pic. It's so funny how they will stick their bottoms in the air.

I hope AR can overcome the reflux with the cereal. That's no fun.

stacey stepan said...

My son, Blake, now almost 4 years old had acid reflux whenever he was a baby. It was like it just projectiled out of his mouth, never even getting on his clothes. I felt so sorry for him because everytime he ate it always came right back up. He weighed 9lbs 3 oz when he was born and he didn't lose any weight with the acid reflus. We started putting the cereal into my breast milk when I would pump and that helps out a lot. I hope that your little one can overcome it too. Good luck.

Darlene said...

awww...how sweet! She's a little doll!!