Hollyhand House

Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Busy Week

We stayed pretty busy last week. Monday I had my 6 week postpardum checkup and everything was good there. Tuesday morning I took Anna Riley to the doctor about her possible reflux. I took her to Berry on Thursday to see PawPaw and Granny and eat lunch with them.

And Friday was super busy. We went to Daddys office to see everyone there then lunch with him and then off to the school where I used to teach to see everyone and then Granna (my Mom) and Aunt Diane stopped by that afternoon.

Then Saturday we took AR to have her picture made with the Easter bunny at Peterbrooke which she slept through and then headed to Berry for a Hailey's 2nd birthday party. This was Anna Rileys first party to attend! :)

Sunday we took her to church for the first time. She did great!! We kept her in the sanctuary with us and she was awake the whole time and did so good!


The Cannons said...

Sweet baby girl! Love the new background. I had came across this blogspot Sunday. Also found another cute blog for backgrounds. Scrappinblogs. Really cute ones there too.:)

Joy said...

She is a beautiful baby!