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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Destin Day 1

We headed down to Destin last Monday for a conference Riley was having to attend that week for work.  His conference was Tuesday, Wednesday and a half day on Thursday and then we stayed the rest of the weekend so he could actually enjoy the beach too.   I have to say it was a little more challenging taking a 3 1/2 month baby to the beach by myself. I am used to Fairhope were it feels like home.  Rileys meetings were from around 8-4 everyday with a break for lunch where he would meet us at the restaurant on the beach to eat.  The first day, I was bound and determined to go to the beach, not the pool (which would have been 10 times easier!)  So I rented me a chair setup with an umbrella, got all our stuff, put her in the front carrier and grabbed her bumbo seat and we made it down there!  I wish I would have had a picture because she was in one chair (in the bumbo) and me in the other...we were ready to go, ready to relax!  NOT! haha...oh life, the beach, vacations are so much different with a baby but I wouldnt trade it for anything! She had taken a nap before us going down but I guess because of us traveling the day before and she had a touch of Riley's cold (1st cold she had ever had ) she didnt feel well and she was fussy and sleepy again.  Usually she goes right off to sleep...nope...she had to scream and cry!  So after Riley came down to the beach and we ate lunch she seemed fine so I thought ok we will stay out a little longer (it felt wonderful out there because of the nice breeze).  As soon as he leaves and I am by myself with ALL of our stuff to carry up, she does it again!  Finally after she picks sand up and pours it on her face, we called it a day!!! haha...Not the best start but hey you live and you learn! right?? At least I did attempt it by myself!  That night we did enjoy a really good meal at Harbor Docks and had a very happy baby! :) 
Daddy getting some love during his lunch break


The Cannons said...

So precious!:)

And they call it puppy love said...

Aww sweet pics. So glad we got to see ya'll last weekend! We had fun!