Hollyhand House

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Destin Day 3

Rileys conference ended at lunch on Thursday so we waited on him to get done, went down to eat lunch and then headed out to the beach.  Wow it is so much easier with an extra set of hands to help carry things! :)  We took her play mat down there and a fan, which we probably wouldnt have needed because it was so nice!  She actually got those little toes in the water and seemed to like it.  She was amazed by the waves and just watched them go back and  forth and then would stomp her feet.  She took really good naps out there which made things a lot easier.  We had a really good day and got to stay out for a pretty long time!


Rebecca said...

That bathing suit is ridiculously adorable!!!!

Ashley said...

OMG, she looks just like you in one of those pics! CRAZY! lol

And definitely have to agree with Becca, way too cute. I can't wait to be with all of you at the beach in August!!!

Kim Lawson said...

Really cute pics!! AR is growing way too fast, but so darn adorable!! Love your yellow hat!!