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Thursday, July 1, 2010


I follow several of the "mom" blogs because I love reading about their babies.  I love getting ideas from them.  Two of the blogs I follow have had someone write really rude comments on their blogs.  Both of these girls are SAHMs and the comment was just so rude and hurtful about their choices.  On Kellys Korner she posted a post about how real you are on your blog and why you blog.  I thought I would post my response to that.
 I started my blog so that family could "keep up" with my life and what is going on with me and my family.  Now that Anna Riley is here, I want to use the blog as a scrapbook of our lives.  So mostly...the blog is going to be about her and our family...I dont really keep a baby book, thats why I try to document everything on here.  I got an idea, again from another blog, to make a book of your blog. So I plan to make a book of the blog every year.  SO when the question is ask how real I am... I am real, I am honest.  However, when I am having a bad day, you usually wont know it by my blog.  If Riley and I get in a fight, you cant go to my blog to know that.  Like Kelly said in her blog, I want to remember the good times...not the negative.   Someone that commented said this and I thought it was so true:
"I like to compare blogs to family vacation photos. When we look at the photos, we see a family of smiling people. What we don't see is the luggage that got lost, the mom who had to threaten the lives of her children because they wouldn't stop fighting, the hotel that smelled, and the dad that was on the phone with work for most of the trip. Of course, everyone in the photo remembers all of that.... and probably can laugh about it when looking back. But, that's not what you see in the photo or want to highlight.

A blog is a snapshot..... we mainly write about what we want to remember, celebrate, and learn from. Every now and then, an unflattering picture gets thrown in, but that's what proves we're real and human.

Everyone is different and everyone has different reasons for blogging.  This is just mine.    :)


Kyler, Jennifer, and Olivia Clark said...

I read Kelly's blog as well and after reading her post about people making mean comments it really got to me. I am like Kelly I use my blog to tell about our every day life. And I of course want everything to appear in the best way possible. I am not going to air my dirty laundry or post pictures of myself without makeup on, my house when it is a mess and my child in clothes that are all stained. I want to post about the happy things. No our life isn't perfect BUT those are the memories I want to remember.
And I like reading "happy" blogs like Kelly's. They inspire me to keep my house a little cleaner, spend a few extra mintues getting ready when I go out, to make sure I make it to playgroup each week and to make the most each day. They make me a better mom and wife.
I think people who make mean comments are honestly just jealous.

Kim Lawson said...

Thank you for sharing this, Crystal. I love what you said about the blog being a snapshot. And I agree with Jennifer totally!