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Thursday, July 1, 2010

A first

Sorry no pictures in this post...but since I use this as our family "scrapbook" and its how I document everything...I had to post about it.  :)

Anna Riley FINALLY went to the church nursery last Sunday.  After almost 5 months! haha  And I did great...I mean she did great! : )  I think the sweet nursery ladies were a little worried about me making it through the whole service but I did great and didnt even check the parent pager once!  She had just been doing so great during church that I just always kept her in there with me and she honestly still does.  But, I want her to get used to other adults and playing with other children since she is with me all day and plus I can really pay attention so much better without her there.  It helps that she was smiling when I handed her over and when I went to pick her up she was sound asleep! :)  I know she is in good hands!  And she has even went to the gym nursery a couple of times too! YAY...I usually worry a little more there because they are just young girls but I am right there and the owner is in and out the whole time.   I am getting better! :)

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