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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

6 month checkup and the day after

Monday was Anna Riley's 6 month check up.  Poor baby had to get shots again and I had already hurt her! Yes, I know bad Mom!  We were in a hurry and I clipped her paci clip on and everything was fine we were on our way...no tears until we get to the doctor and I start taking her outfit off.  Oh yes...I clipped it to her!  But what a tough girl because she didnt cry until I started pulling it! Wow...mom of the year award right there! haha!!   So anyways...  Dr. Roberts was very pleased with everything.  She weighed 18 lbs and was 28 inches long.  If she keeps her length up, she is going to be tall.  I told her I had started on some solids but I didnt elaborate on how much AR was already eating.   I knew she had one tooth that had popped through but I did not know that she had 2 teeth!  This was the first time I noticed her being real fussy after shots and had a slight fever.  But it could have also been from teething.

Sitting like a big girl waiting on Dr. Roberts...you can see whre I pinched her with the paci clip. :(

As soon as I got in the car a friend of mine that we often do play dates with called and said she thought one of her girls had chicken pox.  She was very nice to keep AR during my Mother-in-laws Memorial so my parents could go, so she was concerned that she might have been exposed to it.   I went ahead and went home and then of course the next day I see bumps!  I call the doctor and they said to bring her on in.  Dr. Pettit (the other dr. in the practice) looked at her and said it was not chicken pox and that actually chicken pox was very rare these days and often times misdiagnosed (not to say hers was)  but he definitely didnt think AR had it.  He thought it was a viral rash.   He said if they got bigger and blistery and if she was scratching them to come back but so far they havent.   YAY!  What a relief!  However, she has been so winey and clingy since Monday.  And she is waking up a couple of times during the night...I am sure this is because of teething.  


And they call it puppy love said...

Awww so sorry Anna Riley had a tough week :( I can't believe how tall she is, Carson is only 29 inches long..we think he will be a shortstack :)

Candace said...

Don't worry - Addison has had a paci clipped to her as well....it happens! She's a beautiful growing girl!