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Monday, August 9, 2010

6 months- Aug. 4

Anna Riley turned 1/2 a year old this past Wednesday!  Oh my I am sure the other half is going to fly just like this half did and we will be having her party before we know it!  We just love her more and more each day!Here is what AR is doing at 6 months:

*She weighs about 18lbs I think.    (we will know for sure on her appointment on the 16th---we have a late appointment this time)
*She is LONG...not for sure how long but she is long! haha  We are definitely going to run into some issues when she has to start wearing pants.
*She wears mostly 9 month clothes but can still wear some 6 months and 12 month in most pjs because of her length.  She wears a size 3 diaper.
*She has a little round belly that she lies to stick out especially when she first wakes up and her legs are getting so chunky! :)
*She eats 8 oz. every 4-5 hours.  And has tried many foods.  I named several in an earlier post but we have been giving her a lot now.  And she even had cake this week! haha...we will just say it was to celebrate her 1/2 bday.  I did not give it to her but her Daddy did give the ok to his Aunt.  But under the circumstances I was not going to say no...she actually had banana pudding the next night!   But we arent making a habit out of it.  She likes everything you put in her mouth so I knew she would love the sweets too!  I dont know that she has a favorite because she responds the same to all of them...
*She has big, brown eyes and still not a lot of hair but what she does have is a light brown/blonde color (sorry still no red).
*She can sit up on her own now!  She still gets a little wobbly sometimes when she goes to reach for another toy but she has gotten much better at balancing herself!
*She passes toys from one hand to another.
*She has found her index finger...it looks as if she is counting but yet only gets to one!
*She rolls all over the place! 
*She gives kisses pretty much to everyone even if you dont ask...we will really have to watch this during cold/flu season!  She is just so loving though! :)
*She can now wave byebye!  She actually did this the day she turned 6months.  Our preacher waved bye to her and she waved back.  We had been working on that one for a while but she had never did it so I was a proud Mama!
*She still loves her pacie and can finally put it in her mouth by herself but we have caught her sucking her thumb a few times.
*If you ask her where her belly is she will grab it (usually only in the tub though).  And then she just smiles!  :)
*Bathtime is still her favorite time.
*She loves the water!  She has been in the pool several times this summer and just loves it.  And loves her ears to be underwater...strange I know!
*She is quite the talker, squealer!  Sometimes its hard to carry a conversation over her.
*She is a people person.  She will go to anyone and sometimes reaches for people she doesnt know.
*So far she has been laid back and easy going like her Daddy.  I really hope that she stays that way. 
*She laughs and smiles all the time!  She is a very happy baby!
*She is almost impossible to rock anymore...she is all over the place!  We never rocked her all the way to sleep but we always rocked her for a few minutes (I think it was really more for us that for her because she could care less).  So now we usually just lay her straight down after a quick prayer and book.  She kicks around and seems so active and then in a second she will be a sleep.  It is so funny to watch! 
*We have a pretty good schedule that she developed and we try our best to stay close to it but I am not as "schedule crazy"as I thought I would be (because I definitely was when I taught school!)  But it does help to be consistent.
*She takes a morning nap (usually about 1- 1/2 hours sometimes longer) and an afternoon nap (usually close to 3 hours) and sometimes a short catnap in the early evening. Her bedtime is between 7-8 (it used to be right at 8 but she has been cutting the last nap a lot so she is ready for bed earlier) and then she usually wakes up around 8 each day but sometimes, like Saturday, she will sleep until 9:30! But honestly it just throws us all out of whack so its not even worth it!

*She is very attached to her Bunny and it really calms her. 
*When she sleeps she is all over the place! But her new favorite position is to sleep on her knees with her bottom in the air! 
*She wakes up extremely happy...if she isnt, then I know something is wrong.  She usually doesnt cry when she wakes up...she will be in her crib playing until I go in. 
*She can finally get those toes in her mouth...she has been trying for a really long time!
*It is hard to eat in front of Anna Riley because she is so interested in your food and drink and thinks she should have whatever your having. 
*She can drink very good out of a straw.
*EVERYTHING goes in her mouth!  I think a tooth is in the near future!
*She is definitely a Daddy's girl!  But he does treat her like his little princess so I guess I would be too!  I already know who she will be going to when she wants something!

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Candace said...

These pictures are precious!!! Doesn't time just fly by???