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Monday, August 9, 2010


A few weekends ago, Anna Riley and I had a little girls road trip to Atlanta.  It was Carson's 1st birthday party so I thought it would be a good time to go visit.  I love when I go to Atlanta because I get to see 3 of my best friends when I am there!   We were busy the whole weekend and I felt like I drove all over Georgia but we had the best time!  Friday, we got on the road soon after getting up and getting ready.  Anna Riley did great until we were about 20 minutes away and getting into the city and then she decided to get fussy...perfect timing! ha  Gone are the days that she sleeps the whole time!  She slept maybe 30-45 minutes the whole way and mabe an hour on the way home.  But she did really good.  I had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ready to go in the DVD player.  We stayed with Cyndee and Dan Friday night and we ordered Mexican and ate at home.  It was so nice catching up with her!  Saturday, we all headed to the birthday party and Cory and Kimberly's house in Cumming.  The party was a dinosaur theme and it was all so cute.  We stayed for a while after everyone left so that we could visit.  We headed to Becca and Zach's house about an hour away only in time to get back on the road for dinner! haha.  We ate at one of their favorite Italian resaurants, Domincks.  It was so good!  Anna Riley and Zoe were absoultely give out from our long day and both fell asleep at dinner.  Saturday night, we spent the night at Becca and Zach's.  We had such a great time and cant wait to go back again!
Kimberly and the Carson, the birthday boy
'Aunt' Cyn and AR
I have never seen a baby dig into their smash cake like Carson did! He loved it!
Kimberly, Becca and Me with our babies
After Dinner at Domicks
SO funny!  And Zoe doesnt even like her own pacie! :)
Slumber Party!  I love these PJs and her long legs are about to outgrow them! :(

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