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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

8 months old

This month has just flown by...and our baby girl is already 8 months old! I just can't believe how much has changed in just one month! I think this is the most changes we have seen in one month so far. We just love her so much!!! Here is what Miss Anna Riley is doing at 8 months old:

* She weighs about 20ish lbs. I dont think she has gained much since last month.
* She is not as chunky anymore but more tall and lanky! But she still has the pot belly, especially after she eats.

* Wears mostly 12 month clothes and size 3 diaper

* LOVES to eat!! She loves to feed herself. She has gotten really good and picking food up and it actually making it to her mouth. We still havent found anything that she didnt like. She devours it all!

* She makes the "MMmm" sounds when she eats. We say that she gets this from her Nana (Riley's Mom) because she always made expressions when she ate!

* She has 3- 8oz bottles a day, 3 meals and a snack.

* We finally have a set nap schedule for morning and afternoon naps. One around 10 am and one around 2 pm and she does not take a 3rd nap anymore.

* Loves, loves, loves water!! She will drink a whole sippy cup of water in one sitting if you let her.

* She will actually hold her sippy cup now, but would still much rather someone else do that for her! But she drinks from the sippy cup very well. She loves the straw!

* She is crawling or creeping rather. She sure gets where she wants to be and is all over the place. I really dont know that she will do the regular crawl. She gets in the position all the time but when she takes off, its the "army crawl."

* She is pulling up on things and would much rather be standing but doesnt quite get the concept that she still has to still hold on to something. So, we have had several falls and "dramatic cries!" haha. It scares her more than anything but she acts like the whole world just fell apart everytime she falls! Is that a girl thing or just my child?? Riley says she gets it from me!

*Still loves bathtime but she has now hit the stage where she wont be still. It is so much fun watching her though. Baththime is probably all of our favorite and we often are both are in there just because we love to watch her all over the place.

*She waves at everything now. And she waves by waving her hand back and forth instead of opening and closing it now. When we grocery shop or stroll through the neighborhood, its like she is in a parade waving at everyone and everything.

*Really likes being outside.

*Loves attention...I think she gets that from her Dad! haha..jk!

*Says "hey" "da da" and "ma ma" (the last two have only been a couple of times but she says hey all the time)

*She claps but only when she wants to

* She has started doing this thing where she blows and snorts like a bull and then she just laughs. Its so funny. She wrinkles her nose up when she does it which makes it even cuter.

*She had her first really bad cold this week and learned to love the nose aspirator. She started out screaming bloody murder and having to be held down but now she actually reaches for it and puts her nose up to it. I have the electric kind...which is AMAZING if you dont have one you need to invest the 20 bucks and get one!

* She sits in the splits position all the time. I say she is my little gymnasts. She will also lay on my legs and before I know it she is kicking her legs over doing a flip off. She loves it!

* Has not been sleeping as well this month. She was sleeping through the night and then we lowered her crib
and then being sick and teething, we just arent having any success with it. But I also think she is having some separation anxiety at night too.

*She has two teeth and we are thinking she is getting at least one maybe both on top trying to come in right now because her gums are so swollen on top.

* We love to go in her room when she has just gotten up from a nap. She is all smiles and in the best mood.

* She is SO attached to her Bunny! That is the only way I can rock her is if I have the bunny. I don't know what we will do if we go somewhere and leave it...she will have a hard time going to sleep Im sure.

*She loves to spit!

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