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Monday, October 4, 2010

Sippy Cup

I have been working so hard to get Anna Riley to hold her sippy cup and she just doesnt want to. She has always drank out of her sippy cup great from the very beginning but never wanted to hold it...even the kind with the handles. So I have been putting it in the floor sometimes while she is playing just to see what she does and this cracked me up. She managed to get it up and put it in her mouth and then of course not hold it! haha... However, the past couple of weeks she really has gotten better and is holding it a little more. We are making improvements! :)

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Phillips Family said...

Hey- not sure if you even wanted any advice or not...but I worried for a long time that Carson wouldn't learn the sippy cuo. I spent SO much $ on trying different ones to get him to figure it out...but nothing ever worked, finally at 11 months or so he decided to do it. All he needed was time, and all those different sippies were a waste of $ b/c he will drink from anything now. She will do it when she is ready. Don't stress about it until she can't have a bottle anymore :) Hope this helps!

courtneytidmore said...

That last picture is ADORABLE!! She's a smartie!