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Monday, November 22, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

Saturday morning we went to "Breakfast with Santa." We had so much fun...we got to sit with the our friends, the Thomas' and their 3 girls.  Mandy and I had bought the same outfit for our girls so we dressed them all alike...they were so cute!  We ate breakfast, Anna Riley attempted to color (eat the crayons), and then have her picture made with Santa. I was just sure she would cry when I sat her in his lap but much to my surprise she did not. She stared at him so hard and then stared at us and would not smile at all. The photographer tried a couple of times to get her to smile but we could see that look in her eye like she was about to loose it! I could not take a picture myself, but the picture they took was free so they are mailing it to me. I will try to post it when we get it.

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