Hollyhand House

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

I just love all the traditions that come along in the fall...pumpkin patches, fall festivals, pumpkin carvings, trick or treating, cool weather (except that skipped us this year).  Some people make Halloween out to be so bad but to me, its what you put into it!  This was Anna Riley's first Halloween and she had a jam packed schedule!  I just love doing all of those fun things and even though she really couldn't enjoy it this year, didn't mean we weren't going to go and take part...and guess what, we will be doing even more next year! haha (Maybe its the elem. teacher in me!) 

She "helped" Daddy carve the pumpkin and she wasn't scared of this one! They carved a "girly" pumpkin with a hairbow of course!