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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick or Treat

We took Anna Riley trick or treating to just a few of our neighbors and then went to Mimi's house (Riley's grandmother).  She lives in a neighborhood that is very close to us.  The kids do a costume parade and then all meet and eat pizza and then trick or treat.  Its the cutest thing!  After we left there we made a little stop by Riley's Aunt Grace's house before going to his Dad's.  She just loves seeing Anna Riley and we don't get to see her enough so we went to for a short visit and she had lots of goodies waiting on AR!  When we got home she got to eat part of a Halloween cupcake we had made and I think she was in heaven! :)  What a great weekend!

Happy Halloween Anna Riley!

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BHSMom said...

Love that pic of you, Riley, and Anna Riley!