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Monday, December 6, 2010

10 months old (Dec. 4)

Wow this month really flew by and Anna Riley is now 10 months old!!  Here is what she has been up to this month...
* She weighs around 21 lbs...she weighed 22.5 this morning at the doctor's office with clothes and shoes on.  I am assuming she is somewhere close to 30 inches long still.
* She is now in size 4 diapers and still wears 12-18 month clothes.
* Her shoe size depends on the type of shoe it is. 

* She takes 2 really naps a day.  Usually each 2 hours long.
*She has 3 teeth and I am pretty sure another one on top is trying to come through.
* Has not been sleeping good at night here lately.  She almost alternates a good night then bad night.  When I say bad, its not terrible but she used to be such a good sleeper.  She has also had a cold and that has led to a sinus infection so hopefully after all that we will get back on track...hopefully!

*On the note of not sleeping good, she has also been waking up way earlier than what I am used to since the time change! She used to be very consistent and woke up around 8 every morning and now its often 6:30.  But some mornings its 7, 7:30 but then sometimes 8:30 or even 9! So we are working on getting back on a routine with that.  Just when she is on a good routine...a time change has to go throw it all off!  :)

* She is still a great eater for the meantime anyways.  She eats pretty much everything we do with the exception of spicy foods.  We call her our garbage disposal because there are only a few things that Riley and I don't like, but she likes those foods too.  She tried olives (which we both hate)  for the first time the other night.  She loved them so I gave her all the olives my pizza and she ate them all! She also loves tuna and I can't even stand to smell it...but Riley eats it all the time so he gives it to her.  Food is food to her, it doesn't matter what it is!  I am just thankful for a good eater and hope she stays that way for a good long while!

*She is becoming more mobile.  She is all over the place! No walking yet though.  She has almost took a step but she just leaned over instead.  She walks with anything she can find though including the laundry basket, her baby stroller, chairs...if she can push it she will walk with it. 

*Likes, I mean loves cabinet doors!  Why do all babies/toddlers like cabinets???
*Loves looking at her books but does not want you to read them to her
*Every time we are in the car, she takes off her right shoe and sock!  Yes, only the right one!! 
*She has figured out that many of her shoes squeak and she loves it! She just bounces up and down to hear the squeaking noise!

*She is even more attached to her Bunny lovey.  We have even had to take it in restaurants because she wouldn't let go of it.
*She is saying "DaDa" "ByeBye" and "UhOh" and says them all the time!

*She has not taken after me, because we found out she loves dogs.  Our friends' have a lab that is very good with kids and she loves her!  So much against my will, Daddy says a dog is in the future! I do love watching how excited she is with it though.
Its just her size!

*She has had a little bit of an attitude here lately and we are definitely having to get on our game about being consistent and redirecting and all that.  She has days where I am like are we entering the terrible two's and she isn't even one yet?! She is a good child but she definitely has her moments...I have a few videos to prove it! :) 
*We are definitely seeing more toddler everyday and less baby which is so bittersweet! 
I just had to throw the last picture in...This is how our picture sessions usually go!  :)

**I cant believe its only 2 more months until my little baby will be ONE!

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Your little girl is SO cute!! Time sure does fly doesn't it?