Hollyhand House

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend in Fairhope

We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Fairhope with my parents and Riley's Dad.  So, needless to say, Anna Riley came back pretty spoiled!  We had a wonderful time though with the exception of that horrible ending to the Iron Bowl game on Friday!! :(  Mom and I did lots and lots of shopping and I can say that I have most of my Christmas shopping done and it feels great!  I do have just a couple more items to pick up but that's it.  It was so nice to have both of our parents there and Anna Riley just loved all the attention she got.  And you can tell too because she has been quite the drama queen this week!! :)


Raegan & Caleb said...

Those Grandparents can really cause problems :) But I wouldn't change it. After being away from family for the first 18 months of Isabelle's life, I really appreciate having family close by.

The Cannons said...

Good times! Grandparents are such a wonderful blessing! I missed mine a lot growing up~when we moved around and Im so thankful my boys have all of their's close by!!:)