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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

YAY for sleep

I'm not trying to jinx us or anything but like I said in Anna Riley's 10 month post...sleep has not been so good around here lately!  She had a cold and then was taking medicine for a sinus infection.  I really couldn't remember the last time we had the bed to ourselves a whole night!  She would start coughing so bad and sometimes would cough until she gagged or threw up so she would end up with us!  BUT...I am so happy to say she has been sleeping from around 7:30-7:30 since Saturday night in her crib! Hallelujah!!!  It really reminded of the days of her being a newborn again with no sleep because that is how I felt!  She is NOT a good sleeper in the bed with us!  She literally flops like a fish back and forth from me to Riley.  One night she slept with her feet by our heads and she was holding on to Riley's leg for dear life!  Another night, she slept with her feet kicking me in the side and her head at his chest.  But, Mom just says I am getting paid back because I was never a good sleeper and always cried to come in their bed and if I was there, I couldn't be still!!  haha
Riley will probably kill me for putting this picture on here but I just couldn't resist! :)

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Candace said...

I think the picture is sweet!

We've been having trouble with Addison sleeping too. She sleeps so much better by herself (and we do too!). She's finally starting to sleep again (knock on wood).