Hollyhand House

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Playing in my new playroom

We got back in our house this weekend and now just trying to get it all back together, organized and clean! I hate a mess so I have been about to go crazy with everything, everywhere. I really don't know how some people move all the time. I couldn't do it! We made lots of progress over the weekend and my parents were nice enough to come and help. Because I have been so busy, its left little play time with Anna Riley so today we made time to play together for a little while. She squeals everytime she goes in the playroom so I think that is a good sign that she likes it! :) We aren't completely finished setting it up but she has had so much fun already!


The LeCroys said...

Hi Crystal! I hopped over here from Courtney's blog. Anna Riley is so cute and so is your blog! I enjoyed getting to see you at Courtney's shower last week - thanks for coming :)

Candace said...

I wish we had a playroom - and I wish our house was only one floor instead of two! Looks like a fun place to play!