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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Scrub a Dub--AR finally decided to get in the big tub!

We bought Anna Riley the blow up duck tub when she had outgrown the hard plastic one but was still not really ready for the big tub. Well, she loved it! Loved it so much that she has really outgrown it and still wants a bath in it! I think she just feels secure in it because she crawls all over it and really uses it as a big pillow. We had tried putting her in the bathtub a few times and she just cried and wanted out which is so unusual so we just let her stay in the duck. Well, while in Fairhope (after Christmas), she finally got in the big tub and the one down there is a garden tub so it really was a big tub and this time she actually liked it!


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Candace said...

She's precious! These pictures will be the classic ones that you always want to pull out!