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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

12 months-- February 4

I can't believe it's finally here...my little baby is ONE! Oh how I remember the day she was born so perfectly and it seems like it was just yesterday and now a year has already flashed before my eyes and she has grown so much! Here is what she is doing at 12 months old:

* She weighs 22 lbs 13 oz. and is 30 3/4 inches tall (she grew exactly 10 inches in a year)
* She wears size 4 diapers and mostly 18 month clothes.
* She takes a morning and afternoon nap. Her morning nap is usually 2 hours and afternoon can go 3 and sometimes I have to wake her up!
* She goes to bed around 7:30 and sleeps until somewhere between 7-8.
* She LOVES her bed!  I really think she would play in there for a long while.  Sometimes I go in to get her and she cries when I get her out.  But she does have a few things that she sleeps with and we always put a book in there too. 
* She would prefer not to be rocked but there are some rare occasions where she will actually let one of us and we take full advantage of it.  But she rarely falls asleep that way so we still have to put her down awake and let her fall asleep on her own.  But that is the way she likes it so I wont complain but I do love to rock her when I get a chance!
*She has 8 teeth and she now has a big girl toothbrush that she loves!
* She has been formula free AND bottle free for a about a month now and did excellent with the transistion. She loves drinking her milk out of the sippy cup. She has milk after every meal. 
*We are slowly working on weaning from the pacy.  I am sure this will be a lot harder than the bottle.  Right now she only gets it at naptime and bedtime.  She is doing well with that so far so we will probably start taking it away at least during naps and finally bedtime!
*She still eats really well but meal times are the most frustating! She gets in trouble for throwing food and we are still working on eating on a plate! She fed herself yogurt with a spoon and she did pretty well.
*Her favorite foods right now seem to be strawberries and avocados. She loves guacamole!!

*She loves her bathtime and tries to crawl over in the bathtub while we are running the water. She loves a bubble bath but likes to stick her face under the water so she has bubbles all over her face.
*She is walking but still not taking off. She will walk back and forth from me and Riley and she will walk to the couch or certain objects but she likes to have that security or know that something is going to be there to catch her. She is constantly standing by herself playing and doing things so her balance is much better but she just seems like she is too scared to turn loose. I have a feeling it wont be long though.

*She is a dancing machine. If she hears any kind of tune, she immediatly starts dancing, swaying or waving her arms...especially if its the hotdog dance because that is her favorite!

*She loves books and will actually sit still to let us read them now.  Her favorite is Brown Bear, Brown Bear (probably because I read it to my kindergarteners so much when I was pregnant because it was their favorite too!)  :)  Out of the many books she has we probably read that one close to 10 times a day! 
*She likes to cuddle with me again!  She likes to sit with me in the recliner and watch Mickey Mouse or read a book and drink her milk. She will actually sit for a long time (30-40 min) now where just last month she wouldn't sit still for 5 minutes.  We usually do this before her afternoon nap and I look forward to that time!

*She loves her baby dolls and stuffed animals. She holds them up to her shoulder and pats them on the back and then squeezes them real tight and kisses them. Its so cute! Sometimes she will have the baby in one hand and cooking at her kitchen with another. :) I have also noticed her strolling her baby and leaning down to its ear like she was telling it something and then she will stop and kiss it on the forhead. Its amazing to see how much kids learn from their parents!

*She can climb in and out of her school bus slide by herself.

*We are still having a tough time at church when we leave her in her class.  She did great until she moved up to the next class.  She is so excited when we get out and walk in church but the minute we head down the hall she knows whats coming and she cries.  She usually just sits in one of the teachers laps and wont even get down to play.   I am hoping she gets out of the phase soon because she has always loved playing with the kids in the nursery!
*She "talks" all the time I just don't understand half of it! She says DaDa and UhOh all the time. She will say MaMa but she rarely does...I think its a stubborn thing! I will ask her to say "MAMA" and the little stinker will look right at me and say "DaDa!" haha. She can also say "thank you"  and "good girl"...we are working on words like ball, book, milk but she has yet to say those but she will repeat something like good girl! haha

*She knows what certain objects are: Ball, books, baby, her Bunny, cup, milk...and usually she will give them to you if you ask.

* She makes the funniest faces!  We are constantly laughing at her facial expressions!! 
*You can ask her to "show me your teeth" and she will make this funny face that shows her teeth.

*She sticks her tongue out all the time...especially to her Daddy!

We love her so much and we are so thankful that she is in our lives!! 

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