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Monday, April 4, 2011

14 months old

I feel like she has started doing so much just in the last month!  Here is what Anna Riley is up to at 14 months:

* She weighs around 24 lbs.  She wears 18 month clothes, size 4 diaper, and size 4 or 5 shoe.
* We have traveled a good bit lately and she really travels so good right now...if she isn't asleep she is very content.  I think Mickey Mouse in the DVD player helps tremendously!
*  She is a great sleeper and her pregnant Mama is very thankful for that!!
*  She is doing a little better eating on a plate but she still likes to dump it on the tray.  She is starting to pick up eating with a fork and spoon a little better too.
* She loves Chick-Fil-As milkshakes as does her Mama!
*She loves to give kisses and occasionally hugs.  She also likes to kiss pictures of people...especially the one of her Nana.  She HAS to kiss the big picture of her every time we go to Papa Doug's house. 

*  She is really expanding her vocabulary and she repeats a lot of what we say.  I feel like she has really taken off with this in the past month!  Some of the words she says right now are: Mama, Daddy, DaDa, Gran(Granna), GawGaw( PawPaw), GahGah (Papa for Papa Doug), She says Wesley but its not very clear, nasty (and she says this ALL THE TIME...everything is nasty!), dig (dog), church, three, good girl, thank you, gone gone, she has said baby but only a couple of times.  I am sure there is more but that's all I can think of.
* If you start counting...1, 2, she screams 3!! 
* When you ask her who she loves she points to herself! haha  I don't know where she got that from!?
* She LOVES being outside and pitches a fit when we have to go in.
*She loves to try to throw balls or she will pick them up and bring them to us.  She tries to get as many in her hand as she can.

* She screams and giggles every time she sees Maggie (one of our neighbor's little girls).  They are only a few months a part and they love to see each other and play! 
* She loves animals, especially dogs!  When we are outside she is constantly pointing and screaming "dig, dig" until go to the fence and see the neighbor's dogs. 
* She knows the sounds that a duck, cat and cow makes.  When I ask her about the dog she just laughs. 
* When you ask her where her nose is she scrunches her nose and snorts, when you ask about her tongue she sticks it out, if you even say teeth she says "ttt" and she puts her hands on her head when you ask where her head is.
*She waves bye bye and we are working on blowing kisses...right now she just puts her hand to her mouth and licks it! She claps a lot and if we are watching something and everyone is clapping, she claps too.
* She reaches for everything.  I think she thinks the farther she reaches, that we are going to get it for her. And usually she turns her wrist as if that is going to make it better.

* She is obsessed with putting EVERYTHING in her nightstand drawer!  If I am ever looking for something, I go look in there.  I have found books, coasters, hairbows, pajamas, shoes...you name it she will put it in there!
*She walks in circles a lot!  Usually its when she can see her shadow but sometimes she just does it because she thinks its funny or if we are eating something sweet and she wants some...she will walk away and then make a circle right back to get more.
*When someone is sitting in the recliner, she goes behind it and peeks her head through to give you a kiss.
*She loves to watch me put on makeup.  She always wants me to put lipgloss on her lips and loves to play with the powder brushes. 
*She likes to take her shoes off and then try to put them back on...same with her hairbow.
*She doesn't sit still long enough at bedtime to read our nightly books.  We are lucky to get through one right now.  Occasionally she lets me rock her but sometimes she even points to the bed because she is ready to be laid down...kind of makes me sad!
*One of the books we read a lot at bedtime is Time for Bed and at the end it has a little girl that is asleep.  Every time we get to that part she has to kiss the little girl goodnight.  Its so funny!  She never forgets either!!
* She is quite the dancer!  If she hears music, she is usually dancing! 
* She wants be so independent which is good but she doesn't understand that there are times she HAS to hold my hand or let me do something for her. 
*She is doing better in the nursery at church.  She only cries for a minute and they say she really enjoys playing with the other kids.
*She can be quite dramatic at times!!

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