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Saturday, April 9, 2011

13 weeks

I was 13 weeks as of Thursday.  

This dress is really flowy so it wasn't the best to "show" my stomach.   
Symptoms: I am feeling somewhat better.  I only got sick twice this week but the headaches are still there. I am hoping that since I am in the 2nd trimester now, I will continue to feel better!

Weight gain: 3 lbs.

Cravings: I was craving Mexican a lot this week and I finally got it yesterday for lunch and it hit the spot!
Maternity Clothes: Not really, but I did ask Riley to get them out of the attic. My regular jeans still fit fine but one pair of my maternity jeans are just oh so comfy and so I am wearing those some now.  I will probably pull out some of my dresses soon too just to have a bigger variety to choose from.

Sleep: My sleep this week has not been so good but it wasn't from just the pregnancy.  My legs were aching from the spinal I got Wednesday (I will explain at the bottom).
Gender: Don't know yet but I am really feeling Boy this time.

Other: I feel like I have been going to the doctor almost every week here lately.  I did get to hear the baby's heartbeat again last week...so far it has been all over the board:137, 184, 156. 
I had to go to the doctor quite a bit to continue to measure my cervix.  I had a really weak/short cervix so my doctor decided it would be best to have a cervical cerclage done.  Basically, its just stiching the cervix together until I am full term to prevent preterm labor.  I did have to get a spinal block for the surgery which was not as bad as I thought it would be...just very weird not having control over your legs!  Everything went great and I only had a small amount of pain while still at the hospital.  My legs were real achy at night  for several days when I am trying to sleep.

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