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Monday, April 11, 2011


Riley and I attended a wedding party at N.R. Yacht Club Friday night.  My mom came and kept Anna Riley for us.  Unfortunately, AR is in a stage where she only wants me to put her down at night...which makes it not so easy for whoever is watching her for us!  Hopefully this phase will pass soon!! 
The party didn't start until 7 so we got to watch her play in the backyard for a while before we left.

I had so many plans for Saturday.  The weather was supposed to be nice and I was looking forward to enjoying it.  But, apparently I jinxed myself when I said I had not really been sick much this week and not as many headaches because I woke up at 3 am with a terrible migraine and spent the majority of the day throwing up.  So my plans turned into being in the bed most of the day! :(  Thankfully, Riley took Anna Riley for a stroll in the wagon to our friends that just moved in down the street and AR got to play with a friend for a while so I could rest. 
Anna Riley had Easter pictures with Kim Lawson late that afternoon.  She did SO good!! Probably the best picture session she has ever had!  She LOVED the bunnies but once again, I am sure they were ready for the torture to be over!  We have a lot of work on being gentle before the baby brother/sister comes in October!

This is one of the pictures Kim took on Saturday

We went to visit Mimi (Riley's Grandmother) after the picture session. 

Sunday we had a wonderful church service, lunch with my Granna and Pawpaw at Cypress Inn and supper with Papa Doug!   Oh and by the way...we are loving this weather!!! It is so hard to get her to come in!

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